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Net Zero Marine specialises in integrated renewable energy and shore power specifically designed for the marine sector, capable of operating in harsh marine conditions.

Shore power assets are becoming increasingly important to port and marine operators that need to reduce emissions at berth and future-proof their services for electric vessels.

Our integrated approach removes your offtaker risk and ensures competitive pricing, maintaining price parity with marine diesel.

Shore Power

Alongside integrated marine renewables we specialise in shore power assets.

Operators are seeking ways of decarbonising whether it is displacing the use of shoreside or onboard diesel generators, or for electric and hybrid vessel charging, we can design systems to suit your needs. Ranging from 0.5-10MW, we can maintain competitive pricing with marine diesel.


Energy Storage

Battery energy storage is central to our integrated systems. Energy storage allows us to match supply with demand, manage power curves and maintain system resilience. Small and compact, energy storage is silent and safe.


Port Power

By combining off-site or on-site rooftop or ground mount PV systems we can harness solar power to reduce your electricity costs.

Installing PV is crucial for reducing your carbon footprint, achieving energy savings and promoting your energy independence.

We integrate PV power seamlessly into your existing power network and ensure consistent and stable supply at lower cost.

solar panels


For higher demand clients or large private networks our P-t-M service is ideal. P-t-M links ports with dedicated renewable generation systems of up to 50MW, via a dedicated ‘private wire’. Private wire renewable power can provide up to 30% savings on large consumer energy bills every year for over 30 years. Build a competitive advantage and control your power balance with our P-t-M assets.

Solar panels and wind turbines generating renewable energy for green and sustainable future.

Clean Propulsion

Breathing new life into your fleet can reduce your running costs and emissions, as well as improving your margins. When combined with our shore power system you can rely on low cost power. With over 12 hour running times, retrofitting older vessels with fully electric propulsion is ideal for regular duty cycle operations.

Net Zero Marine boat on Thames

HGEV Charge Hubs

Promote low carbon supply chain operations on your site and lead the way in zero emission freight logistics.Renewable energy and infrastructure for heavy good electric vehicles (HGEV).


EV & EV Car Ports

Alongside Shore Power, Port Power and HGEV we specialise in marine grade EV and EV Car Port charging. Whether in busy industrial port locations or small beach car parks our EV charging systems offer flexible, safe and secure options for customer and staff parking. Promote a great work environment and reduce your emissions for years to come.

NZM car charging illustration

Marine Utilities

At every project we can install or upgrade marine utilities to suit your needs and in line with emerging policy and regulatory requirements. Please get in touch to find out more.


Utilities including:

  • Black Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Telecoms & 5G
  • Data Logging